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Covid 19 Guidelines

Club events should follow the general Covid 19 guidelines for England (link) and Wales (link).

Please exercise caution, be sensitive to the concerns of other members, and take care to observe remaining legal restrictions in Wales.

Current Events


Thursday 5th Evening Walk
Christleton route and pub drinks afterwards
Grade: Easy
Sunday 8th Walk
10 miles Whitchurch
Grade: Easy
Saturday 14th - Saturday 21st Scotland Week
Thursday 26th Evening walk
Grade: Easy


Wednesday 1st Evening Walk
Pre Jubilee weekend evening walk
Grade: Easy
Thursday 9th - Sunday 12th Barmouth weekend
Grade: Mixed and fun
Catherine Edwards
Thursday 9th Evening Walk
Grade: Easy
Thursday 16th Evening Walk
Grade: Easy
Thursday 23rd Evening Walk
Likely to be magical mystery walk
Grade: Easy
Thursday 30th Evening Walk
Hope Mountain with views
Grade: Easy


Thursday 7th Evening Walk
Probably Maiden Castle and Bickerton Hills
Grade: Easy
Sarah J
Thursday 14th Evening Walk
Minera mines, a quarry, views and community pub
Sarah C


Thursday 11th Evening Walk
Grade: Easy
Thursday 18th Evening Walk
Grade: Easy
Sunday 21st Evening Walk
Grade: Easy


Weekend 15th - 16th Lake District Weekend at High House Mike S


Weekend 25th - 27th Christmas weekend
Details to follow
Grade: Mixed and fun

Participation Statement

Participation in outdoor activities such as hill walking, climbing and cycling (on or off road) is inherently risky. You should only get involved if you are personally prepared to accept these risks and recognise that you may be exposed to potentially life-threatening situations. You are responsible for your own actions and involvement, and must be aware that your actions may affect the health and safety of others, both members and non-members, and act accordingly.

Grading of Walks


Straightforward walking.
Short day - 2-3 hours.


Mixed terrain.
Average distance may be testing for some but within most people's reach.
Longer day - up to 6 hours.


Technically and/or physically difficult.
Experience is a must!
Longer, tougher days to push your skills - 5-6 hours and over.

Grading of Biking


Easy / gently undulating terrain, social pace to suit all riders.
Typically: 10-13 mph average speed (road); family trail / "Green-Blue" grade MTB.
Frequent refreshment / picture stops.
Suit novice, infrequent and social riders.


Mixed terrain, some more challenging / faster sections.
Typically: 12-15 mph average speed (road); "Blue-Red" grade MTB.


Technically and/or physically difficult due to terrain, distance or speed.
Typically: 14–18 mph average speed (road); "Red-Black" grade MTB.
Refreshment stops on the move.
Suit regular riders wanting a more challenging / adventurous ride.

"Hard+" Events

Primarily these would be walks (including scrambling) in high mountains and/or in winter conditions, but could also be very challenging cycling events.

They can be one-off day events, or be part of a Club weekend, or a longer trip away.

On such events the risk is inherently greater.

Leaders of these events are expected to give clear instructions to club members before such an event, outlining not just the route and expected conditions, but also the maximum number of people that will be able to join them.

Leaders should ensure that they are comfortable with the ratio of 'experienced' to 'less-experienced' members attending the event. They need to be able to explain to members, in a considered and reasonable manner, why they may not be able to take them on the event, at that particular time.

If you wish to attend these events you need to have the required equipment and have some experience in how to use it. You need to be prepared to discuss your experience and expectations, in a considered and reasonable manner, with the event Leader, and accept any judgement they may make, either before or during the event.

The Club encourages members who wish to participate in such events to attend suitable courses in winter skills.

The Club has no liability for members attending such events and it is imperative that you ensure that not only are you suitably skilled and experienced, but that you have personal insurance to cover you for all activities that you participate in.


Beginners are welcome by arrangement with the event organiser, in order to ensure that there is an adequate ration of experienced to new climbers.

Questions and Updates

If you have any questions about events or any event updates, please email the Events Co-ordinator.